Enhance your Cleanup with Education!

To help you educate your participants about nonpoint source pollution, Rivers Alive has compiled a list of activities you can use to reach different audiences. We want participants to understand how every individual has a role in protecting our waterways. Below are ideas for water quality education activities and displays that can be done in conjunction with or as a follow-up to a Rivers Alive event.


Activities and Information for School and Scout Groups
Hands-On Activity Stations

Activities from the USA EPA: Test Your Water Smarts
Take this quiz to test your water smarts, then give the quiz to family and friends to test their knowledge on water quality

Enviroscape(R)- Watershed & Nonpoint Source Model

Nonpoint Source Kids Page

Turning the Tide on Trash: Marine Debris Curriculum

Activities from The Water Sourcebooks

Suggested Activities:
  • A Salt Water-y World activity
  • Clean Up Activity
  • N, B, & T: Pollutants Three
  • Stop That Sediment

Use Enviroscape Models
Non-point Source Pollution Enviroscape models allow learners to see pollution and runoff. These may be borrowed from the UGA Cooperative Extension Service 4-H District Offices and Project WET.

Girl Scout Water Drop Patch
The Water Drop Patch Project inspires Girl Scouts to learn about water quality and to take action in their communities to protect and restore local water resources.

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Activities and Information for the General Public
Baldwin County 4-H Club- Way to go!
Water Facts
Handouts from US EPA

Streams in the City
Facts and information on water in an urban area

Stop Pointless Personal Pollution
Information on how everyday chores can harm the streams and lakes

Nonpoint Source Pointers Fact Sheets
Provides 11 pointers with background information on nonpoint source pollution and managing techniques

Water Resources Toolkit provided by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs
Storm Drain Stencils, Recycling, & Nonnative Plant Species Information
Storm drain stencils are excellent education tools to help combat water pollution.

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle: Environmental Education Resources

Recycling Saves Money

Recycling Resources for Freight Packaging & More
Recycling experiments, games, quizzes, facts, projects, and lesson plans.

Plastic Bags: Suffocating the World

Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council
Bring awareness to nonnative plant species

Invite an Environmental Education Organization
To locate a directory of Georgia Environmental Education Providers and other environmental education material, visit Environmental Education in Georgia.
Adopt-A-Stream Program
Invite a coordinator from the Adopt-A-Stream program, Rivers Alive's parent program, to talk about nonpoint source pollution and their volunteer water-monitoring program. Georgia Adopt-A-Stream encourages individuals and communities to monitor and/or improve sections of streams, wetlands, lakes or estuaries. Manuals, training, and technical support are provided through Georgia EPD and more than 50 established local Adopt-A-Stream organizers. You can also request copies of the You're the Solution to Water Pollution brochure and poster to distribute
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Further Education Opportunities for After Your Event
Wheeler County 4-H Club after cleaning up
School and Scout Groups
General Public
Training for Citizens: A rain garden receives stormwater runoff water from roofs or other hard surfaces such as driveways. The rain garden holds the water on the landscape so that it can soak into the ground instead of flowing into a street and down a storm drain.
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Form A Partnership!

Contact an Environmental Organization Near You

A directory of Georgia Environmental Education Providers can be found at EEinGeorgia.org, whose goal is to build statewide capacity for environmental education by providing EE lesson plans based on Georgia's curriculum standards, a searchable directory of Georgia's EE organizations and the resources they offer, a statewide calendar of EE events, EE news, and easy-to-access facts about Georgia's environment.

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